Gloves for Kickboxing

Gloves for Kickboxing

Choosing your Kickboxing Gloves

If you're looking for kickboxing gloves, this article will help you make the correct decision.

The main benefit of choosing a glove for kickboxing is protection. You'll need a glove the protects you in defence and strikes back with a powerful punch.

Black Diamond Gloves

The Black Diamond Boxing Gloves are our recommended gloves for kickboxing as they provide the best protection. The gloves also provide the best padding for striking and defensive moves.


Neon Thai Gloves

Next in our recommended list is the Neon Thai Boxing Gloves for kickboxing. These gloves are a limited-edition series to Punch® Equipment and come in either 12 oz or 16 oz weight.

Lace Up Gloves

Lace up gloves can also be used for professional kickboxing fights and training.