Headgear Review - Trophy Getters® Full Face Head Gear

Headgear Review - Trophy Getters® Full Face Head Gear

Trophy Getters® Full Face Head Gear Review

Below is a full review of the best-selling, Trophy Getters®, Full Face headgear from Punch Equipment®.
This highly protective piece of equipment comes in several sizes and colours.

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Head Gear Design

The Trophy Getters®, Full Face headgear is purpose-designed for boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or any martial arts involving contact-based sparring.
The reason this headgear is suitable for all of the above is because of its tapered design.
The tapering of the cheekpieces allows you to see all attacks coming.
If this taper is incorrect, you'll only be able to see punches and you won't be able to see kicks or knees making the headgear ineffective.
It's essential when purchasing a headgear, to purchase one that's correctly made for your head size and not just built with a whole lot of padding.

Trophy Getters Full Face Boxing Headgear Electric Blue 1

Ear Protection

The next feature of this headgear is ear protection.
The Trophy Getters®, Full Face headgear comes with thick eardrum protectors which just stops the boxing glove from making a seal over the ear and possibly popping your eardrum.

Sewn-in Chin Piece

In addition to ear protection, this commercial headgear is built with injected mould padding which shapes perfectly around the chin.

Punchcool Chin and Brow Lining

Another interesting feature is the Punchcool® chin & forehead strips which are engineered to wick sweat effectively and minimise slipping.

Trophy Getters Full Face Boxing Headgear Red 2


To fix this headgear onto your head you simply need to untie and adjust the lace-up top section.
You can use someone else or yourself to tie this firmly, once completed you should never need to touch this again unless it unties itself.
To put it on you just tear the back hook and loop sections open, slip it on and you're done.

The rear hook and loop straps are an effective and easy on/off system making taking the headgear a breeze to use.
Remember that you will need approx. three weeks, to sweat in and mould it to your face.
So don't lend your headgear to someone else, not only for hygiene but also to avoid the misshaping of your own facial features.


The Trophy Getters Head Gear come in red/black, black and blue/black.
The sizing options are from small for children to extra large for larger adult heads.
So you've got a lot of choices and adjustability with this headgear which give you the perfect fit.

In summary, the Trophy Getters® Full Face Head Gear has been in the Punch Equipment® range for over 18 years and is arguably the most protective full-face headgear available online.
Its superb safety is the main reason why it's become so popular in the Australian market.
This headgear will protect your face and nose during sparring as well as providing solid ear protection from incoming blows.

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