How to avoid poor Boxing Pad Work in 5 easy steps

How to avoid poor Boxing Pad Work in 5 easy steps

Boxing Pad Work Tips

Focus Pad Holding can be an invaluable skill for coaches, fighters & personal trainers.

Here are 5 easy tips to improve your Focus Pad holding technique.

Tip 1: Don't hold Focus Pads too high

Holding focus pads higher than the clients head height can eventually cause unnecessary shoulder injuries.
Keeping the Focus Pads level with their chin/head height will ensure the boxers shoulders aren't aggravated over extended periods of time.
Levelled Focus Pads will minimise the risk of injury to the client and improve overall technique.

Tip 2: Don't hold Focus Pads too wide

Ensure the Focus Pads stay well within your shoulder width, the boxer should be able to hit the Focus Pads without the need to reach for multiple targets, this can cause disruptions to flow and create poor technique.
Holding your pads closer to the body will also ease any tension on the pad holders arms and allow them to stay strong through the session.

Tip 3: Use your voice and lead hand to re-gain client control.

Regardless of client or students experience with boxing, ensure you (the pad holder) stays in control!
It's easy to allow the client to take control of the session, the moment they place on boxing gloves can make anyone feel a sense of POWER!
The moment the session starts it's important to show the boxer that you are the leader, keep the boxer from closing the gap or pressuring you around by applying your voice and your front hand to prod the client back.
This is a great way to stop them rushing their combinations, reset their stance and getting them to reach with their strikes!

Tip 4: Don't let the client fool you!

Short punches are an easy trap to fall for, if a student or client is starting to fatigue or become lazy with their punches, pad holders can find themselves overextending their arms or moving closer to the student to keep the strikes looking smooth, falling for this can cause the pad holder to fatigue faster than the boxer, especially over longer periods of time!
Ensure to keep your Focus Pads close to your body and instruct the client/student to reach you!
If your intention is to throw short punches in your combinations, ensure to keep the pads close to your body & if your client is genuinely fatigued, ensure they recover before continuing!

Tip 5: Always "catch" the clients technique!

Not applying feedback when catching a punch with a focus pad can be the quickest way to injury for your client or student.
Ensure each time your client strikes you meet the end of the punch with some resistance to ensure they do not overextend and injure their joints. The catch will differ depending on every client so ensure to start with single punches to understand their movement.
This tip is the hardest to conquer however practice makes perfect!

Big shout out to Matthew Lyons for helping out in this video.
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