How To Choose The Right Sparring Gloves!

How To Choose The Right Sparring Gloves!

In this guide, our team is here to educate you on what a sparring glove is, what it’s for, what styles you can find & which you should choose!

What is a sparring glove?

A sparring glove is essentially a boxing glove built for that very purpose,
A sparring glove should accomplish 2 things, protect you & your opponent.
As a student or fighter, to ensure longevity in any combat sports, safety should be priority number 1, for your hands, your head & your health.
Ensuring you can achieve the above with the right sparring glove, lowers the risk of giving or receiving a serious injury.

What should a sparring glove weigh?

While the majority of fighters, coaches, etc. may state that a pair of 16oz gloves are required for sparring,
This may not be suitable for a smaller/lighter student.
For example, a 16oz glove placed on a 120kg student & a 55kg student would provide a severe disadvantage to the smaller weight as the lighter student is carrying a substantially heavier load in comparison to the 120kg student.
The weight of your sparring gloves should be proportionate to your weight & frame, providing the same amount of load on the body to lower the risk of potential injury.
Also note that one’s experience & other physical attributes such as their strength, power & control can come into the choice of sparring glove weight.

Below is a quick guide on body weights & the preferred sparring glove weight:

Below 60kgs = 10oz – 12oz
60kgs – 70kgs = 14oz – 16oz
70kgs – 85kgs = 16oz
85kgs+ = 16oz – 18oz or higher

Please note that the above is a quick recommendation & not a rule, there are still other factors to consider, the experience of a boxer, type of padding & more.

Are there different types of sparring gloves?

Generally, a sparring glove should have a suitable amount of padding over the knuckle, back of the hand & thumbs while also supporting & stabilising the wrist to ensure the user & opponent are protected from any blows.
However, as there are so many brands, models & styles available, not all gloves are built the same, nor with the same level of protection in mind!
You may have heard the term, “punchers” glove, “pillow” glove, “bag” glove, “training” glove & more, which can ultimately lead to a headache if you have only experienced one pair of boxing gloves before!
The team at Punch Equipment will now go through our great assortment of boxing gloves & why each of the below models could become the perfect sparring glove for you!

Sparring Gloves

Front and back of the Black Armadillo Boxing Gloves
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AU$145 (RRP)

First off the mark is our king of safety,
The Armadillo™ Safety Boxing Gloves are the most protective boxing glove in the Punch Equipment range & are highly recommended for all users, all experience levels & especially those who are prone to or have existing hand injuries.
Their Armadillo injected mould pillow padding provides shock absorption that is unparalleled, providing amazing protection for the hand of the boxer, while also softening the punch landed on the opponent.
Our team would argue that the 12oz model of this stunning glove provides more protection than many 16oz boxing gloves in the market.

Blair – September 7, 2020

Amazing protection, the padding over the knuckles is next level. Ideal sparring gloves. Very comfortable and very high quality. If you have hand issues or just want the safest gloves you can by, these should be your first choice.

Pros: Massive amount of padding. Comfortable.
Best used for: Sparring

The next glove in this list is Punch Equipments’ greatest all-rounder boxing glove, the commercial-grade, Trophy Getter Boxing Gloves.
All-rounder meaning these gloves are suitable for boxing bag work, focus pad training & sparring.
Why are they considered to be an all-rounder?
Their 3 tonne, injected padding mould, makes these gloves suitable to use in all areas, their shock absorption provides a real pop on the bag or pad while also protecting the hand in all key areas.
They are also built with serious durability in mind, with their superior “Punchtex” palm & wrist casings for serious sweat resistance,
This material is trusted so that products with a AAA grade logo come with a 2 year, extended, manufactures faults warranty also to give you peace of mind in regards to their longevity.
With over 100 reviews, it’s hard to look past this legendary boxing glove.

Jo Hayes – June 28, 2020

Absolutely love my trophy getters. I was previously using light bag mits and experiencing pain in my wrists. The improvement was instant when I swapped over to these gloves, plenty of padding & wrist support and they look awesome, great quality. I recommend these all the time and would buy again without hesitation.

Pros: Well made product Great wrist support Perfect amount of padding Good range of colours

Cons: literally nothing I can think of

Best used for: I use for fitness kickboxing, pad & bag work.

The ultras are truly a glove of luxury, our team believe these gloves are comparable on the world stage of boxing gloves & the reviews on these gloves are hard to disagree with!
An authentic, state-of-the-art, relaxed hand fit thanks to it’s incredibly soft leather, a mixture of elegant latex & injected mould padding, you will never want to take these gloves off!
While not as protective for your opponent as the above models, they give favourable protection to the wearer.
Did we mention they come at the fraction of the cost in comparison to other comparable boxing gloves?!?

Kelly Jewell – November 6, 2020

This is the best glove that I have come across and I have tried a heap of gloves. I have damaged wrist and knuckles and this glove really stands out for protection. I really like a punchers style glove but I usually suffer at the end of a heavy work out as there usually isn’t the support and padding where you need it. The Fuerte Ultra gloves are the best of both worlds as you can still feel your punches land with plenty of feedback with the wrist and knuckle protection that I need. I purchased a 16 ounce pair for sparring but find they are great for the heave bag but you still have the feedback when using the pads.

Pros: Easily the most comfortable boxing glove that you will find.

Cons: None

Best used for: Sparring but you can use for bag work and pad work also.

Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves - Yellow
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AU$265 (RRP)

The Elite’s on the other hand are a stunning boxing glove, for more reasons than one!
Their snug hand fit is reminiscent of traditional Mexican style boxing gloves, with comfortable inner lining & smooth leather casing to boot.
Their balanced weight makes these gloves pack a serious punch also, providing an unforgiving impact to whoever is in their way.
If you are looking for a glove that lets your opponents feel the full impact of a punch, you cannot go past the Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves.

Joel Hannah – March 1, 2020

I recently purchased a pair of these Mexican Elite Fuerte Boxing Gloves in yellow – and they are without doubt the best boxing gloves I have ever worn!
The snug fit is extremely comfortable, the leather is soft and of top top quality and unlike many of Punch Equipments elite Mexican and U.S. competitors – these gloves seem to only be getting better with wear!
The weight of the gloves is superb (perfectly balanced) and have served me wonderfully as a great all round training/bag/sparring glove.
I will be purchasing these gloves again without doubt (in green next time), thanks Punch Equipment!

Pros: Soft strong leather Superb fit Perfectly balanced Stunning to look at
Cons: None
Best used for: All round training glove

Sparring gloves – Muay Thai

Unlike traditional boxing gloves, the Black Diamond Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are built with awesome, extra features specifically for the art of 8 limbs!
Additions such as a satin inner lining for a SILKY smooth hand fit & thick pillow padding in the palm & wrist sections allows for extra shock absoprtion on the glove when catching or defending kicks, punches, knees or elbows.
Did we mention they have a been a trusted model of glove in the range for over 15 years!?! Nuff said!

Tyler Nugent – March 14, 2020

If you need a great pair of durable comfortable and lightweight glove theses are for you, theses were my fist purchase from PUNCH and lets just say it had me coming back for more! Theses have to be some of the best gloves on the market and for $150 it’s a steal! Trust me you won’t referent purchasing these gloves.

Pros: Durable lightweight and comfortable

Cons: I have no complaints at all

Best used for: Sparring, pad work and bag work.

Sparring gloves – MMA

If you’re looking for MMA sparring gloves, you cannot go past the Shooto’s,
Their generous amount of knuckle padding is at least double that of general training, MMA mitts seen on the market.
The additions of a double wrap wrist closure & minimalist thumb padding ensure protection is the main priority in this MMA glove.

nickk948 – April 27, 2020

Superb quality at a good price!
Very comfortable and very strong construction. These are my new favourite gloves for sparring they they will last forever!
They are worth every cent I paid for them. I highly recommend these gloves.

We hope the information above has provided you with information to help you decide which sparring glove to use for your training,
If you have any further questions regarding the above,
Please message us via our chat below!