Product Review - Urban Kick Thai Pads

Product Review - Urban Kick Thai Pads

Kickboxing Thai Pads Review

If you're looking for quality Kickboxing Thai Pads, here's a nice little offering Punch Equipment® has created for the Urban Thai Boxing range, which is the Urban® Kick Pads.

Kickboxing Thai PadsKickboxing Thai PadsKickboxing Thai Pads

Why Choose?

Firstly, this is an extremely thick pad with a nice amount of padding for its price point. It comes with a nice curve so that kicks that miss, will still hit the middle of the pad. So if you're training beginners/amateurs that tend to miss the middle of the pad, the curved design really helps the pad holder feel comfortable in holding these pads.

These pads are designed primarily for Boxing training and fast Boxing with kicks. The primary idea of the kick pad is that it makes it safe to do boxing kicking combinations with the odd knee throw-in. The important thing to note about these Kick Pads is this is not a traditional Muay Thai Pad. A Thai Pad is usually longer and comes over your elbow. While this pad is similar, it's a bit shorter in length as it measures 13 inches / 33 centimetres long.

Control Bar / Back Strap

So let's get on with what these are all about! They come with a control handle located in the back top of the pad. The handle is secured by a total of 8 rivets with 4 on each side and its sewn under the material. The control bar is the correct height in comparison with our Thai Pads. So they're not too high as you can lose control of the pad with a high control bar.

The backstrap comes with a heavy-duty hook and loop to secure your arm inside. We also have the Punchtex linings inside for sweat protection, non-slip and this is quality material that we use throughout the Punch range.

Incredibility Light

The next thing you'll notice about this pad is that it's extremely light and virtually weightless. These are a life changer for anyone that's suffering from Pad Holding fatigue or injuries from long Pad sessions. They also protect you from massive shock or jarring. Normally cheap thai pads or kick pads are absolutely horrible to use because as soon as someone knows how to kick, you just lose motivation to hold pads for them! So these are great for hardcore pros and entry-level fitness trainers alike.


The casings are still Punchtex casings and these are the same material that we use in our very best products in the AAA range as well. So you're getting this in an Urban package at a really good price!


The Urban® Kick Pads are ideal for Pad Holders that are looking for a lightweight and affordable Kick pad. It's great for training all types of entry-level Kickboxing combinations and can be used for Fitness training as well. Buy online at Punch today!

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