2017 Updated Product Review - Lace up Boxing Gloves

2017 Updated Product Review - Lace up Boxing Gloves

Lace up Boxing Gloves Review

If you're looking for quality Lace up Boxing Gloves, watch a video review above of the Competition Boxing Gloves Lace Ups. Below is the product video review transcript.

Video Transcript

Here's a review on our Sponsorship Lace Up Competition Gloves. These gloves are our Trophy Getters series, which means they are a trophy getter mould. Which is probably by far our most popular glove and the most well-liked gloves online. So you've got Trophy Getter written down the thumb here and you've got the true to weight indication here. Full cowhide leather and these are traditional lace-up gloves.

They come in a blue, a red and the black. They come in a basically 8oz, 10oz or 12 ounce depending on what your after. But these are designed for ring fighting only. A lot of people are starting to use the 12oz just for general training because they like the lace security. But of course you do need someone to help you lace them up. But as far as the sponsorship gloves these are easy on and off beautiful injected moulds close them true to wait for a competition Pro Fight Club you can't go past the Trophy Getters Lace Ups from Punch® Equipment.