Lace up vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Lace up vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Learn about the differences between Lace Up and Velcro Gloves

Although Lace Up Boxing Gloves have been in existence for well over 100 years, Velcro Boxing Gloves are becoming more prominent in the world of combat sports and fitness training.

Why is this? Is one style better than the other? Have I picked the correct style for my training?

The benefits of Lace Up Boxing Gloves

Lacing up correctly can make for a fantastic, locked wrist and forearm fit. Which also gives you a custom handfit. Whereas Velcro gloves are fixed to fit.

Furthermore, Lace Ups can give the user a smoother feel compared to a thicker Velcro wrist wrap.

Another great benefit is there's no chance of the gloves being scratched or scratching others during drills or sparring!

Lace Up Boxing Gloves are commonly used as the style of choice by professional combat sports promotions.


The benefits of Velcro Boxing Gloves

The first and main benefit of using Velcro Boxing Gloves is you won't need assistance when putting on or taking off your gloves. Whereas, a Lace Up glove will require an experienced trainer to lace them up.

The next key point about velcro boxing gloves is that the strapping can be easily adjusted without the need to stop training.

Another benefit is thick Velcro straps can provide protection against strikes while training & sparring. Which helps limit injuries around your wrist and hand area.

In our opinion, the ease of quickly placing them on & off makes them a great choice for beginners. Lacing up can be an intimidating factor for a beginner.

Why choose Punch Equipment® Boxing Gloves?

Purchasing either of these styles is a great choice as they about purchasing either of these styles from Punch Equipment is that our Lace-Up Gloves are the built from the same mould as the Flagship Trophy Getters Boxing Gloves, This means you’re getting a glove that is used for all variations of boxing training.


In summary, every one of us has individual needs for our training. Before you purchase a set of boxing gloves, ask yourself;
What are my needs for a set of boxing gloves?
Do I need them for competition or general training?
Do I need a set of gloves that can be put on quickly?
Do I have a coach or training partner who can assist me with putting gloves on?

We hope this helps you decide which style is best for your training!