Mexican Boxing Pads Review

Mexican Boxing Pads Review by Punch® Equipment

This Mexican Boxing Pads Review will provide an overview of the best features available. We'll review the size of the pads, material used and why choose.

Video review

Firstly, watch the below video by the CEO of Punch® Equipment.

Why choose?

The Mexican Boxing Pads are ideal for professional boxing trainers and coaches. The micro size allows for accuracy improvements of a range of punches. Most trainers will wear these pads in one hand and a heavier pad in the other hand. This helps them train quicker actions with the micro size and heavier blows into the other pad. If you're looking to get the best out of your clients, choose the Mexican Boxing Pads.


As we've mentioned, the size of the Mexican Boxing Pads is a micro size. They're super light and fast, which allows for quicker movements. We would recommend training lead jabs and smaller boxing punches with these pads.


The pads are designed with full cowhide leather and will last years of training. The inside padding used is EVA and is the same material as all the Punch® Equipment focus pads in the range. At the back, your fingers can be slipped into the mitt. It's ideal to grip you fingers before insertion as this will help with elbow shock.

Mexican Boxing Equipment

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