Mexican Floor to Ceiling Ball Review

Mexican Floor to Ceiling Ball Review by Punch® Equipment

This Mexican Floor to Ceiling Ball Review will provide an overview of the best features available. We'll review the size of the ball, material used and the straps.

Video review

Firstly, watch the below video by the CEO of Punch® Equipment.

Why choose?

The Mexican Floor to Ceiling Ball is ideally for boxers that are looking for a ball that will challenge there boxing. It's a small size ball, which means it will train accuracy and tighten your boxing window. It's great for training jab, uppercuts and hooks.


The size of the ball is 8 inch and it's designed with 6 panels on the outside. The 8-inch size is quite small and allows for precision boxing training. This also gives the ball a balanced action for boxing. If you're looking to add a professional Floor to Ceiling Ball in your gym, your clients will love this ball!


The ball is designed with full garment leather throughout. It also comes with laminated panels on the outside. The side of the ball is hand laced and we provide a 2-year commercial warranty on the casing.


The ball is sold with adjustable straps. The Floor to Ceiling Ball also comes with a reinforced loop at the top and bottom. The bottom loop can be attached to a floor anchor. While the top loop is ideal for a ceiling hook.

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