Mexican Groin Guard Review

Mexican Groin Guard Review

Mexican Groin Guard Review - Learn the best features

This Mexican Groin Guard Review will provide an overview of the best features available, sizing and the protection ability. The Mexican Groin Guard is a full leather groin guard available online at Punch® Equipment.

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Why choose?

The Mexican Groin Guard is ideal for professional boxing training. It's designed with a low profile and is highly adjustable.

Continue reading for an overview of the sizing available and protection ability.


The guard comes in three authentic sizes: medium, large and extra large. A lot of groin guard are poorly designed and don't always fit larger boxers. That's why Punch Equipment has created a Mexican Groin Guard that will fit larger people. For example, the medium size will fit a medium sized boxer. While the extra large is designed for 100kg+ people. It also comes with a number of adjustable straps around the back and sides. When you buy this groin guard, you're buying a Mexican Groin Guard that can be adjusted to your size.


If you're looking for a protective groin guard, this one is for you. The guard is designed with a higher back for protection from side kicks or any shots to the lower body. It also has big flanks over the hips and they're adjustable. The cup at the front is straight and will protect your family jewels. The inside padding is similar to our focus pads as we use laminated EVA padding. It can take a lot of striking around the back, sides and front. The whole idea of this groin guard is for it to be very low profile and highly protective.

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