Mexican Speed Ball Review

Mexican Speed Ball Review by Punch® Equipment

This Mexican Speed Ball Review will provide an overview of the best features available. We'll review the size of the ball, material used and how to inflate.

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The Mexican Speed Ball is ideal for professional boxers that are looking for a quality speed ball.

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The Mexican Speed Ball is a 10 inch sized ball and provides a balanced ball action. It's ideal for a speed ball platform and improving overall boxing skills. Speed balls are great for practicing boxing quickness, endurance, defence, footwork and overall punching drills. A speed ball is perfect for training before or after a workout as a warmup training guide. It also comes with a shorter loop at the top of the ball and allows for a great ball action.


The Speed Ball is hand laced and hand stitched. The outside panels are designed with full garment leather. The casing comes with a 2 year commercial warranty, but the bladder isn't covered by a warranty. This is due to the fact, a bladder is perishable.


Before inflating the speed ball, make sure the needle is lubricated with saliva. Also a straight needle must be inserted, otherwise the bladder could puncture. The bladder is replaceable, if this is happens. Once the bladder is inflated, the ideal inflation is when the ball can be slightly pushed in by a few fingers. If your fingers push in to far, the ball is under inflated.

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Mexican Speed Ball Review