MMA Gloves Review

MMA Gloves Review: Urban v30


In this review, we’ll be looking at one of our best selling MMA gloves in the v30 Urban® MMA Gloves.


  •  Designed for entry & intermediate MMA training
  •  Engineered for MMA training, drills, bag & pad work
  •  Open finger, palm & thumb design for added ventilation & an effortless hand grip
  •  Anti-slip, soft, red trindle inner lining for serious hand comfort
  •  Mesh ventilated, hook & loop wrist wrap for breathability
  •  Low profile, highly protective knuckle padding
The key to success with this glove is the fit and cut. As well as being very protective for the puncher.

It has a special mix of padding over the knuckle. Which allows you to hit hard with boxing bags and pads. While receiving very little knuckle pain from long training sessions. The padding is around 2.5 centimetres and will protect from any hand injuries.

The glove comes with a full open palm design, which is very popular with most mma gloves on the market. We’ve also added quick-dry mesh material under the palm, which will help the glove try out from any sweat.


Currently, this MMA glove is available in three colour choices. We have the electric blue / black, gold / black and white / black.


In terms of sizing, the Urban MMA Gloves can be available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Choosing a size online can be tough, so we have a general size chart that will help you make the right call. Otherwise, visit a local Punch store or contact our team and they’ll be able to guide you.

To find the correct sizing, the glove shouldn’t move when you pull it down around the wrist area. If there’s any sliding movement, this generally means that you’ll need a smaller size so the glove will lock into your hands.


While this is an MMA glove, it doesn’t have to be solely used for MMA training. It’s a great alternative to heavy Boxing gloves for people who prefer a lightweight general training glove.