MMA Gloves: Which Model Is Best?

MMA Gloves: Which Model Is Best?

Which MMA Glove is Best?

In the world of MMA, finding the perfect pair of MMA gloves/mitts can be a challenge.
While most MMA Gloves may look the same, some slight variations can mean massive features or shortfalls to the user and their training needs!
The team at Punch are here to explain the main benefits and features of the 3 major MMA glove models seen in the market and which design is most suitable for your needs!

Traditional, Straight MMA Gloves


These MMA gloves are the major glove/mitt seen in the MMA environment.
They are also the main type of mitt utilised in many professional MMA organisations due to their lightweight and minimalistic design.
This is a great all-around general MMA training mitt for a hobbyist or beginner looking to start MMA training.
While they typically do not provide any additional features, they are designed to provide the baseline in protection and support for the user.
The same cannot be said for their opponent across the cage!
For this reason, professional fighters may be looking for a model more tailored to their specific needs or type of MMA training sessions.

Recommended For:
- Beginners and hobbyists.
- Shopping with a budget.
- Training on a boxing bag, pads, and drills.

- May take an extended time to break in and form around the hand comfortably.
- Baseline support, durability, and protection for the user.
- Minimalistic shaping for minimal interference during training or sparring.


Pre-Curved MMA Gloves


The Pre-Curved model of MMA gloves comes with a fantastic feature.
Their pre-curved design lowers the risk of accidental eye-pokes in training and competition.
Any MMA enthusiast understands how frustrating and debilitating an eye poke can be to the recipient.
If you're looking to take your MMA training seriously and lower the risk of injury to your training partner,
Or whether you're a promoter looking to minimise the risk of a bout ending too soon,
The Pre-Curved model of MMA gloves are the right choice for you.

Recommended For:
- Hobbyists, beginners, and professionals.
- Bag work, pad work, and sparring.
- Preventing accidental eye pokes.
- Amateur and professional MMA promotions.

- Curved padding will hinder the ability to open the hand.
- Suitable for amateur and professional MMA competition.


Shooto MMA Gloves

Punch Mma Sparring Gloves Shooto

The Shooto MMA glove is specifically built for the safety of both the striker and the opponent.
The additional thumb and knuckle padding is generous and is sure to lower the risk of injury in comparison to traditional MMA mitts.
Beginners and professionals will appreciate the additional shock absorption on their hands and the protection for their training partners during sparring.
If your priority is the longevity of your hands and the health of your teammates,
You cannot go past the Shooto MMA Gloves.

Recommended For:
- Beginners to professionals.
- Users with hand injuries.
- Bag work, pad work, and sparring.
- Amateur MMA competition.

- Thick padding may hinder grappling.
- Not approved for professional competition due to thicker padding.

In summary,
Each glove above stands out on its own, providing benefits and drawbacks.
We hope the above assisted you in finding the right MMA gloves for your needs!
To check out the entire range of MMA gloves from Punch Equipment, click here!
Also, note that a student or professional should consider having at least 1 type of MMA glove to train with for glove durability and as each model is designed for different training scenarios.
If you have any questions regarding the above items, send us a message through our chat software!