MMA Training & Grappling Mitts

MMA Training & Grappling Mitts Review

MMA Mitts Review

Here's a quick review of our new curved MMA gloves straight from the Factory.

We've done a lot of work on these gloves and basically what you've got is a medium, large or extra large pair of gloves. They do come in as small as well now as we've have expanded the size range.

This glove is modelled off our very popular Competition MMA Gloves. The biggest change with this glove is the curve profile and we'll explain the features below.

Firstly, you have a block of padding which stops the person from being able to track the back of your hand when you're grappling.

So fundamentally, these are pure leather custom cut MMA gloves.
When you slip a pair on, straight away when you put them on you can feel that it grips you very nicely. It comes with a full wrap wrist which locks in and as I relax my hand you can see that my fingers are pointing down.

In traditional old gloves your fingers would naturally point out and there's a lot of eye poke problems during training and in competition or cage fighting. These have been moulded so when you're fingers are relaxed or tired, your fingers will point down and go into a fist far easier. There's no memory or resistance for you making a fist and your natural position with fingers down. So we've addressed a safety issue and built a good looking glove at the same time!

Glove Fit

In terms of the fit, the custom cutting really comes out. This glove is designed for no movement when you're training or sparring. There's nothing more frustating then a glove that you have to keep adjusting or moving around your wrist. Which is critical when you strike, you don't end up with the glove slipping down and then you end up having to push it back up . Or when your arm is grappled and there's a bit of tension, you don't want to be pushing the glove back up before you can strike as that can cost you.


That's the MMA gloves new curved MMA gloves from Punch Equipment®. We believe this beautifully designed product purely for MMA training and grappling. It comes in a stylish red, white and black colour. The artwork is high vision. The big feature is this curve and the custom cut fitting of this glove.

So great leather product on the market now in all different sizes for you to enjoy!