MMA Sparring Glove Review

MMA Sparring Glove Review

MMA Sparring Glove Review

If you're looking for a pair of quality MMA Sparring Gloves, watch a video review above of the Shooto MMA Sparring Glove.

Below is the product video review transcript.

Video Transcript:

Here's a review on our MMA shooto gloves. This MMA glove is sanctioned by MMA Australasia so it's an approved piece of equipment for MMA sanctioning bodies in Australia. It's an all leather glove with beautiful high density, high memory foam over the knuckle area. Which really is important for your hand and training partners protection when you're striking. These are going to be used for sparring and in the cage amateur competiton, so you need something that is well-protected across the knuckles, thumb and wrists.

This MMA gloves has a full, dual wrap wrist. thes shootos come built with a Punchcool® lining inside here to prevent hand slipping and promote sweat wicking. There's absolutely no movement in my wrist section so it really has locked me in really nicely.

You can see the padding here comes down and tapers so there's no real bar here or big gap that you can lock in when you're being grappled. So we've got gel thumb protection over this knuckle joint here and then we have full leather fingers ventilated with a thumb insert open palm for grappling. So as a general MMA glove for sparring and for doing grappling work with strikes this is the glove.

It's chosen by the MMA Australia approval system for their events so having said that there are other uses for this glove besides hardcore MMA cage fighting. I find this glove very very useful on our man shield. So if you want to do any pounding, ground drills on bags these have sufficient padding and shaped well enough to be able to use on a bag without getting that roll.

So if you don't get good padding, you'll find you hit and roll a lot. With the wrist support and this padding here you don't bend your fingers up. You really can train hard and get that fist like feel and at the same time you've got a lot of knuckle protection. So the Shooto glove from Punch® Equipment is a high quality product, leather construction, full wrist wrap and with the high memory injected mould padding, you can't go past it for protection.

It's the best thing besides moving up to a boxing glove which obviously will be no good for grappling. So this is your go-to choice if you want to do MMA light sparring with face contact using a grappling glove.