New Women's "Bling" Boxing Range

New Women's "Bling" Boxing Range

World First Boxing Glove Pocket

Meet the world first creation at Punch Equipment®, a Boxing Glove pocket placed within the wrist wrap.

This pocket was designed for keeping those small, but cherished items, safe and secure while you sweat it out. It allows Women to place any rings, bracelets, cash and basically any small item you can think of inside the pocket.

Once the items are placed inside the pocket, it can be securely closed with a velcro tab.

This pocket is a highlight of the new and limited edition Bling Women's Boxing Gloves range at Punch®. The range was created after extensive feedback from our clientele that desperately wanted a stylish but ultimately, comfortable boxing glove.

So the creative team went to work and crafted a glove that not only looks impressive but also keeps you protected.

It comes with a full hook and loop wrist wrap, which is a feature of all Punch boxing gloves. This aims to keep your wrist stable and in the correct position while Boxing. As well as giving the customer the choice of a slightly different handfit - whether they want it tighter or a bit loose.

The other major feature is the premium injected mould padding, which aims to give ultimate protection while punching heavy boxing bags and focus pads, for example.

This exclusive Women's Boxing range is one you will not want to miss!


Focus Pads

Along with our Boxing Gloves range, we have added some stylish Focus Pads for training your clients. These pads are built for comfort with a snug hand-fit. As well as safety features that protect both the pad holder and the Boxer.