Online PT Course

Online PT Course

Online Boxing Padholder Course Australia by Punchfit

Read more about the NEW online Boxing PT course developed by Punchfit, Australia's leading boxing & pad holding certification providers for fitness trainers.
The aim of this fantastic course is to provide trainers & coaches with expert, safety knowledge of pad-holding techniques, instructed by industry experts.
This course will help 1000's of trainers incorporate safer boxing techniques & practises for their clients to help build their relationships & most importantly ensure client retention.

What you'll learn:

In this boxing safety short course, you'll learn a number of safe pad-holding practises including the following:

SAFE hygiene practice - Learn correct hygiene practices.SAFE client control - Learn how to control your clients safely and confidentially.
SAFE protective requirement - Learn about protective equipment for boxing and the requirements for safe boxing teaching.
SAFE pad work & pad holding positions - Learn how to correctly hold pads to reduce the risk & chance of injury.
SAFE technique application to boxing equipment
SAFE control of bigger & powerful clients - Learn how to correctly teach boxing to stronger & bigger clients.
SAFE precautions for evasion drills - Learn how to teach evasion effectively to avoid unnecessary injury.
SAFE technique correction - Learn how to safely correct a client's technique smoothly & effectively.
SAFE training of minors - Learn how to treat & instruct minors during personal training sessions.
SAFE alternatives for minor pad work - Teaching a variety of pad-work to kids and children.
SAFE placement of equipment - Learn about the dangers of incorrect placement of equipment around a training area.
SAFE floor space requirements - Learn about the correct floor space requirements when training mass-classes.
SAFE warm-up requirements - Learn how to correctly warm-up your members to reduce the risk of injury.
SAFE management of workloads - Learn how to manage your client's intensity & workload so they're training effectively.
SAFE incorporation of strength & conditioning - Learn how to teach strength and conditioning techniques to clients during your sessions.
SAFE equipment evaluation - Learn how to check clients' boxing equipment to spot & rectify any possible faults.
SAFE pad work combinations - Learn how to teach/instruct safe pad work combinations.

Course Requirements

  • Taking this course assumes you're already instructing boxing pad-holding sessions for clients and you're looking to learn more about safe pad-work concepts, techniques & practises.
    Ideally, you would know how to wrap a clients' hands before each session, are able to teach the 8 basic punches, provide warm-up and warm-down exercises and teach the basics of boxing footwork/evasion.
  • To pass the online PT course, a 100% pass rate is required to receive your certification. If you do happen to fail, the course can be re-taken at no extra charge until it’s passed.
  • The online PT course certification expires after 2 years and a course refresher would be recommend to keep up with modern safety procedures & new techniques introduced.

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