Pro Bag Buster Boxing Mitts Product Review

Pro Bag Buster Boxing Mitts Product Review

Take your Bag Boxing Training to another level!

The Pro Bag Buster Bag Mitt is designed with a 3 inch elastic stretch wrist band that tightly fits around your wrist. As well as an attached thumb and a semi-padded thumb which makes it like wearing a boxing glove without the bulk!

It has a fully injected mould inside that is 4cm deep. These bag mitts give you virtually the same protection and safety as a boxing glove.

Best Features

  • AAA Rated
  • Semi-padded attached thumb
  • 4cm thick injected knuckle moulds for commercial applications
  • Boxing glove protection without the bulk
  • Full wraps solid Hook and Loop wrist wraps
  • White contrast stitching
  • Material –commercial enduro two

- Solid Hook and Loop wrist support
- For Amateur fighters, fitness padwork
- Gym Hire
- Mid range price point
- Ideal mix of quality and comfort

Ideal for hard boxing training

They're ideal for hard boxing training – so you can punch hard with these mitts! Great for low profile bag workouts and fitness pad workouts. We don't recommended for sparring as this bag mitt only has a semi-padded thumb.

These mitts are available in a wide range of different colour combinations, including:

  • Black and green
  • Black and white
  • Pink and green
  • Pink and grey
  • Red and black
  • Red and white