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Mexican ‘Fuerte’ Pro Boxing Headgear - Product Review

Pro Boxing Headgear Review

Here we have the really impressive Pro Mexican open chin professional headgear that's in our Mexican Fuerte range (Fuerte meaning strong). These are deluxe leather headgear for serious boxing training/sparring.

Fully Adjustable

This headgear features a fully adjustable lace-up head. So it can easily be changed to suit your head size or preference. Then we move to a fully adjustable double Hook and Loop closure with a padded rear adjustment.

This headgear also features a full turn buckle clip lock at the back which is located behind the padded leather. Then it also has a heavy-duty padded chin.

So overall, you've got three adjustments in this headgear to get a perfect fit!

Best Features

Furthermore, it has high definition extra thick gel inserts inside so you can take a lot of punishment to your cheeks. But they are cut in a way where you won't get your vision restricted as well. It also has the extra high profile ear with the one-centimetre thick padded ear drum protector.

So this headgear has a number of features which make it special!
First of all, it's the quality of the leather that makes it stand out and justifies the premium price tag. It comes with a beautiful inside lining and we only use top quality leather throughout this headgear.

The leather is absorbent and grippy which stops a lot of slipping issues you'll find with other headgear.


In terms of colours, it can be available in yellow, red, blue, black and white. Which matches nicely with our Mexican Boxing Gloves.


So with the multiple adjustments and quality leather material, you can't go wrong with this choice of headgear for serious boxing. Especially if you're after a high vision headgear but yet absorbing/protective.