Product Review - 3 Foot Mesh Gear Bag

Product Review - 3 Foot Mesh Gear Bag

3 Foot Mesh Gear Bag Review

If you're looking for quality 3 Foot Mesh Gear Bag, watch a video review above of the 3ft Mesh Gear Bag.
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Video Transcript:

Here's a review of the 3 foot Mesh gear bag from Punch® Equipment. Now i've filled this bag for you so you can see the capacity of it. It features mesh all over the top, polyester bottom and side straps that go all the way around the bag and a central's double ended zip that opens up down the middle. So pretty straight forward.

The capacity of this is bag is four pairs of focus pads and four pairs of large boxing gloves. You could jam five sets in if you packed it carefully. But if you just want to comfortably throw it in, four pairs of focus pads and four pairs of boxing gloves will do. If you're just using bag mitts, you could obviously fit a lot more than that in there, so basically the bag is highly capable of transporting that much. Make sure you don't put medicine balls in here and dumbbells as the bag won't take it. You have to go to another series of bags which is our ripstop gear bags.

But the mesh bag is great for drawing out something and great for letting the sand drop out (such as down the beach). So this is basically our go to boxing bag transport bag in the 3 foot mesh gear bags range from Punch® Equipment.