Product Review - Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves Review - Ultra Mexican Fuerte™

Here's a review of the Mexican Fuerte™ Ultra Boxing Gloves by Punch Equipment®.

They've just been released into the market and these gloves are quite unique as they are built for a specific purpose.

Hand Fit

The Ultra glove is designed to be the ultimate comfort and the ultimate in its class, which we believe it delivers on this promise. The great part about this gloves hand-fit is the fact that there is virtually no effort needed to make a fist. Fundamentally, when you put it on, this glove just literally relaxes out to your hand. So once the hook and loop is on, we lock it into place and you’re ready to go.

You’ve now got a boxing glove that is going to relax my hand completely. There are not many boxing gloves that can compete with this in terms of getting a quick and easy relaxed fit.

Generally, the cheaper and poorer the quality of glove, the more open the fingers are. In order to get this finger closing all the way to the palm, you need to use a lot of leather and hence it becomes expensive. So to get the cost down, what other designers do is they cut the leather material short so you end up with a glove that sits out and it requires a lot of energy to pull it in. Which is fatiguing when you're sparring say twelve or fourteen rounds.

So this glove provides a superb relaxed hand position and a perfect fit for any hands.

For Sparring

This glove is ideal for professional sparring particularly because this glove is not designed to be friendly. It’s highly protective for the user but the receiver will definitely know they’ve been punched.

The padding is perfectly balanced right throughout so this glove is designed to command respect in the ring. We've got other ranges like safety gloves, bag gloves and general-purpose training gloves,
but this glove in this series, whether you buy the elite or the ultra glove, is designed to command respect.
what that means is that when you do a body rip, you know you’ve hit your opponent. You can feel through the padding of these it's a very luxurious soft padding that's brilliantly put together. The whole casing is the highest grade cowhide leather we can get. Brilliant colours in the red and the blue for the ultra range. It comes in 12 or 16 oz as well.

So if you're up against tough boys and you're doing lots of rounds, this is the glove we highly recommend.

Difference between the Ultra and Elite

In this section, we'll aim to cover a common question - What is the difference between the Ultra and Elite Mexican Gloves?

While both gloves do look similar, there’s one significant difference in the design of each glove.

Starting with the Ultra, it has a very relaxed thumb, which sits virtually straight and just turns in at the end. Which means the glove provides a mild turn over the whole length of your thumb. So this is quite a relaxed easy hand fit to maintain.

In contrast, the Elite glove comes with an almost right hand and right-angle turn into a fist, which is a very sharp turn. It’s not quite as comfortable but we’d say 60-70% of Boxers really enjoy the hard turn.

Ultimately, it’s a personal preference that will determine which glove you choose.

Best Features

Authentic, state of the art 'Mexican glove' relaxed shaping that is instantly noticeable when worn
Perfectly balanced boxing glove for noticeably more effective punches and punching feedback
True-to-weight guaranteed, hand-cut latex & injected mould combination padding
Trindle/Tafitta wicking gloves linings with premium grade, extra thick cowhide leather casings
Custom shaped fist & thumb positioning for those who can truly tell the difference!
A stunning Mexican styled boxing glove for sparring!
Thick, full wrap, hook & loop wrist closure for added security