Product Review - Punch Mexican Boxing Gloves

Product Review

The following product review of the Mexican Fuerte Elite Boxing Gloves – 16 oz will provide an overview of the glove and how to choose.

In Spanish, the word "Fuerte" means strong and these gloves will take your sparring training to another level. Compared to our other boxing gloves, the Mexican gloves are designed with a few different features and more quality leather material.


The gloves are specially made to be centred balanced, which helps heavy hitters "pack a punch" in sparring. A lot of sparring gloves are usually designed with more weight in the front and less at the back. Which is mainly for hand protection.

The gloves feel more compact and smaller on your hand in comparison with other 16 oz gloves.

The padding is equally distributed throughout the glove - from front to back. It also contains injected mould, a full wrap wrist and a protection bar above the wrist wrap.

Not recommended for pad work - this is a true sparring glove.


The gloves are currently available in black, blue, canary yellow, bright red and powder white.