Punch® Sponsorship Hoodie Review

Punch® Sponsorship Hoodie Review

Product Review - Punch® Sponsorship Hoodie

Here's a quick review of the Punch® Sponsorship Hoodie by Punch Equipment®.


This is a heavy fleece hoodie and the material used is a polyester cotton blend. It's quite a heavy weight material which makes it ideal for the colder months. It's definitely great to throw on after all before training!

Fully Adjustable

This comes with a full hood and high-grade adjustments for the hoodie to customise for your liking.
It also has an elasticized sleeve and waist.
It's a nice snug fit and an athletic fit.
It is tapered and it's not a big box hoodie or a big square hoody. So it can fit small and large people.

The hoodie has the Punch decal logo on the shoulder (just like the t-shirt) and the rear has our full sponsored Club logos from Debt Collector right through to Punch TV, AAA Punch and "Tested on Humans"® slogans.

Full Size Range

This hoodie is available in big size range online and at our retail stores around Australia. It's black only and it comes with hand warmers in the front for extra comfort during Winter. We highly recommend the Punch® Sponsorship Hoodie for before or after training, fight nights and general wear around the gym.