4 Best Tips: Punching Bag Maintenance

4 Best Tips: Punching Bag Maintenance

Punch Bag Maintenance Tips

How to care for your Punching/Boxing Bag

In this guide, Punch Equipment will give you some of our best tips on how to care & maintain your punching/boxing bag.
Maintaining your punching/boxing bag will extend the life of the bag & it's accessories from common wear and tear issues.
You'll also save on added costs for repair or entire boxing bag replacements in the future.

1. When should you purchase a new boxing bag?

Only when the below issues cannot be resolved!
Ensuring the below tasks are completed, your boxing bag should last at least a few years!
If the boxing bag requires repair & that cost outweighs the cost of a new boxing bag,
It may be time to put your old friend into early retirement.
However, don't throw it out straight away, the filling, casing & parts may still be useful for other boxing bags/equipment!

2. Clean your boxing bag after every use!

Whether at home or the gym, make sure to always clean your boxing bag at the end of the session/day.
Sweat, moisture, dirt, dust & more can not only look aesthetically displeasing on your boxing bag, it can also potentially cause illness, injury & unnecessary wear and tear without the use of cleaning & maintenance.
Our team recommends giving your boxing bag a good clean & wipe down with a natural disinfectant & clean rag or cloth after each day/session to ensure your students, family & yourself aren't exposed to added germs.

3. Inspect your boxing bag regularly

We recommend inspecting your punching bag on a weekly basis for any wear in the casing, straps, hooks, bracket, rings, swivels & chains to review any potential issues.
Cleaning, maintaining & fixing these issues can be a sure way to minimise the risk of potential injury & increase the lifespan of your equipment.
Below are a few examples of potential issues to review & resolve:

1. If there are any small tears or cuts in your boxing bag, ensure to patch them with strong tape or adhesive to ensure they don't expand.
Punch Equipments Trophy Getters Boxing Bags utilise Rip-Stop material casings ensuring accidental cuts don't expand!
2. If your bag straps are twisted, ensure to straighten them out to ensure they do not cause fraying or tearing!
3. Check the metal integrity of your loops & chains & hooks, the below tip will show you how to be pro-active with this issue!

Failure to review & fix any of the above issues so could cause potential injury to you & your hip pocket!

4. Ensure no metal on metal wear!

It's very common to see boxing bags with metal hooks or loops, hung straight onto metal brackets which place metal-on-metal, this over time causes shearing & eventually a breaking point.
Being proactive with this issue can give your bracket & boxing bag a much longer lifespan.
Below is a video on how to effectively minimise this type of wear & tear:


Don't be afraid to speak to one of our friendly team members online if you need further assistance!