8 Step - Freestanding Punching Bag Workout

8 Step - Freestanding Punching Bag Workout

Quick and Easy Punching Bag Workout

Learn the best techniques for a punching bag workout by Punch Equipment. This is a 4 minute workout with 8 step boxing combinations to improve your boxing technique.

Workout Techniques on a Free Standing

This workout can be done in just 4 minutes and includes an eight step workout combination.

Punching Bag Workout
1. Circle the bag for one whole round on both feet.
2. Jogging Boxing on the spot.
3. 2 punch combinations techniques. You can evade the bag as well.
4. Low High punching technique.
5. 3 punch combination technique. Try to start and finish on your lead hand.
6. Punch - miss boxing combination. Practice Hit and miss then hit again.
7. Body rips only. Notice I keep pressure on the bag. Hug the bag if you need to.
8. Punch step and strike.

Best Features

• AAA Punch rated
• Steel pole 175cm high
• 4 Steel strut base
• Foam lined
• Requires approx 6 sandbags in base (Sand not supplied)


Allows floor area to be cleared for other activities.


Does not require hanging or fitting onto walls.