Sauna Suit

Sauna Sweat Suit Review

Product Review of the Sauna Suit

Here's a quick review of our Steamer suit or Sauna suit designed by Punch Equipment®.

Firstly, it is possible to buy very cheap Steamer suits or Sauna suits. But as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for". Basically, they're plastic and have the same effectiveness as a plastic bag. Also, they're only a one or two use as they tear and then you throw them out.


Whereas, this is a reusable heavy-duty steamer suit from Punch Equipment®. It features Hook and Loop tab closures and elastic on the wrists so you can really seal it off on both sides

It has a nice elastic neck so it pinches tight around your neck but not uncomfortably. It's got an embroidered logo on the front and the waist is a full elasticised.

Then the rear is simply one embroidered logo at the top and taped down.

It's a nice suit to wear it has got the striping of this slimming it doesn't look like ridiculous, like if you're wearing a garbage bag or something, so it does look like a proper tracksuit.


Then, we've got the pants of the suit. These are elastic waist pants same material and stripe sides leading to an elasticized leg but also a zippered leg so you can get boots in and out of the bottom without having to take them on and off. So you can slip the pants over boots with the zipper cuff and you've got an elasticized bottom.


So the suit completely seals off and it boils you up pretty quick. It is ideal for losing weight if you're training to try and make weight or you trying to drop weight for fitness and you're having trouble getting enough sweat up, this suit will cook you!