Special Boxing Gloves Product Review

Special Boxing Gloves Product Review

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Take your boxing training to another level with our special boxing gloves. These gloves are perfect for training on punching bags, focus pads and sparring. They're available only in 16oz so you will get a full cardio workout with these gloves.

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Best Features

  • New model featuring extra thick cowhide leather
  • Unique tri colour –black/red/white combination
  • “V karpel” wrist lock protectors
  • Full hook and loop solid wrist
  • Fully ventilated palms and locked thumbs
  • Special padded punchcool plush wicking lining.
  • Special compact Mexican handfit with injected hand mould.
  • MATERIAL - Leather & Punchtex Palms
  • SIZE: True to weight 16 oz sparring gloves

Why choose the Special Boxing Gloves?

If you're looking for a professional all round boxing glove, the special boxing gloves have the best features on the market. We have designed these gloves with extra think cowhide leather for your safety and comfort.

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