The Must Have Gear For MMA Training

Essential MMA Gear Guide:

Below are the items we recommend you invest in to cover every aspect of MMA training.

MMA Gloves
Mixed Martial Arts gloves are the only item between your knuckles & your opponent.
Weighing in at approx 4oz - 7oz, making them much lighter in compersion to boxing gloves.
Ensuring you grab quality pair of MMA gloves should lower the risk of injury to your hands.
Also keep an eye out for additional features such as a pre-curved foam for finger poking prevention, double wrist wrap closure for added stability & thumb padding for additional protection.
MMA Sparring Shoot Glove

Sparring Gloves ( MMA or Boxing )
Sparring gloves are built for exactly that,
MMA sparring gloves typically have more knuckle padding & better thumb padding to ensure the user & partner are better protected against punches.
For safety, boxing gloves for sparring are by far the safest option as they provide more padding throughout, are typically heavier & much larger than an MMA glove.
Ensure to have a pair of both as they both provide different benefits when sparring.

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Mouth Guard
No guess here why you need this item!
Ensure to invest in a mouthguard that protects the top & bottom teeth & gums.
A good mouthguard should also keep your jaw in a natural, comfortable position.
You only get one set of adult teeth & the goal is to keep them there!
Pro Gel Mouth Guard

Shin Guards
Shin guards come in a range of styles, some designed specifically for Muay Thai, MMA & traditional Martial Arts like Karate or Taekwondo.
For MMA you should be at the very least look for solid protection of the shin, in-step & foot,
Another aspect to check is their bulk, if a shin guard is too bulky, this may hinder your ability to sprawl or initiate a takedown.
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Groin Guard
The number one reason sparring or competition comes to a halt is due to accidental groin kicks,
Utilising a protective, preferably steel cup should lower the risk of this becoming a common occurrence!
While asking the striker to kick more accurately is an option... it's much better to be safe than sorry!
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Optional items:

Boxing Gloves ( Bag & Pad Work )

While boxing gloves aren't used in the octagon, boxing gloves are the safest tool to place on your hands when training on the boxing bag or on pads with your coach.
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Head Gear
In a sport where bruising, cuts, cauliflower ear & other head specific injuries can occur during training & sparring,
Using headgear with good facial & ear coverage is a great way to lower the risk of superficial injuries.
There are also head guards with nose bars & grills, designed for additional safety over specific areas of the face.

Mexican Gloves And Head Gear

Elbow Pads
In MMA, all aspects of fighting are used to win, elbows are no exception.
In MMA or ring fighting, elbows are deadly weapons & should be trained
Using a good set of elbow pads allows the user to place elbows safely in sparring with a lower risk of causing cuts or injury to their sparring partner.

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