The product every Female Boxer needs!

The product every Female Boxer needs!

Ladies Groin Guard

Are you a female boxer who is sick of taking heavy body shots? Well you're in luck, because we have just the product for you! Introducing our Mexican Fuerte™ Ladies Leather Groin Guard. 

For too long, groin guards have been considered a male only necessity when it comes to the sport, but in recent years there has been a large increase in female participation which has lead to the need for more protective devices for our fighting females.

Our Mexican Fuerte™ Ladies Leather Groin Guard, is the latest invention to join our Elite series and is made as a One Size fits most. With an adjustable waist band and cotton lace, we recommend it will fit most women ranging from size 8 to size 12. It can be quite awkward wearing a groin guard for the first time, but this groin guard was designed with comfort in mind for the female who wants to be protected when she is most vulnerable.


Take a look below at it's features and read for yourself just how epic this product is!

Key Features:

  •  New to join the Mexican Fuerte™ Elite Series!
  •  One Size Fits Most - Adjustable to fit most size 8-12 females
  •  Outer Details: Pre-Curved Matte Black Cowhide Leather
  •  Inner Details: Black pearl dot Hyperon wicking micro fiber inside hand laid over multi layer Eva and leather.
  •  Lace: Adjustable at the rear, flat premium cotton red
  •  Comfortable and Luxurious fit for females


So what, you've read the features and you still need more convincing? Read on to find out why we recommend every female should wear a Commercial Grade Groin Guard during their matches or sparring sessions!

1.  Groin Guards greatly reduce the impact from punches to lower abdomen region

Our Mexican Fuerte™ Ladies Leather Groin Guard has been specifically crafted to securely wrap around the female lower abdomen region. Utilizing advanced abdominal padding and premium cowhide leather, this groin guard helps to significantly lessen the effects of strong punches to the lower abdomen region during both fighting and sparring.

2. Creates a Definitive Boundary
A boxer's fight shorts typically feature a thick waistband, giving their opponent an indication of where to attack without getting penalized. Any punching below this line can lead to disqualification or deduction of points. To increase the limit, groin protectors are necessary in order to raise the waistband of the shorts. We believe that wearing a groin guard is an effective way to influence your opponents' strategy, by making them aware of the protective boundary and forcing them to stay within that limit.

 3. Keeps Boxers feeling Confident and Happy

Females' pelvic muscles are responsible for maintaining bladder control and core stability. Unfortunately, over a third of women face a risk of their tissue weakening as a result of their pelvic muscles being impaired due to their shots. This is why taking preventive measures to protect your groin area is essential. With groin guards, the pelvic muscles, hips, ovaries and entire uterus of the female body can be safeguarded. This is not only a confidence booster but also grants them a competitive edge, as it helps foster a positive and self-assured outlook during the boxing match and lets them perform at the highest level.

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