The Siam™ Range in New Colours

In the world of Muay Thai, where tradition meets innovation, the importance of quality shin pads cannot be overstated. Shin pads are not just protective gear; they are a crucial element that defines the comfort, precision, and style of your training. Punch Equipment® takes pride in presenting the new range of colours for the Siam™ Shin Pads, blending craftsmanship with aesthetics to offer an unparalleled Muay Thai experience.

The Essence of Exceptional Shin Pads

Shin pads are an essential companion for every Muay Thai practitioner, providing a shield against powerful kicks and ensuring a safe and enjoyable training experience. However, not all shin pads are created equal. The Punch Equipment® Siam™ Shin Pads stand out as a testament to quality and innovation, designed to meet the unique demands of full-contact sparring and Muay Thai checking drills.

Key Features that Define Siam™ Shin Pads:

Handmade in Thailand: Craftsmanship is at the heart of Muay Thai, and the Siam™ Shin Pads proudly carry the tradition forward with their handmade construction in Thailand. Each pair is a result of meticulous attention to detail, ensuring authenticity and quality.

Authentic Cowhide Ultra Thick Leather 1.1mm: Muay Thai is a sport that demands durability and resilience. The Siam™ Shin Pads are crafted from premium cowhide leather, boasting a thickness of 1.1mm. This not only enhances the pads' longevity but also provides an added layer of protection during intense sparring sessions.

Fender™ Siam™ Padding: The innovative Fender™ Siam™ padding is strategically incorporated throughout the shin pads. This technology offers a perfect balance between impact absorption and flexibility, ensuring that you can confidently face your training partners without compromising on protection.

Neoprene Wicking Lining: Training in Muay Thai often means working up a sweat. The Siam™ Shin Pads feature a neoprene wicking lining that efficiently manages moisture, keeping you comfortable and focused on your techniques.

Twin Commercial Grade Hook and Loop Closures: The importance of a secure fit cannot be overstated. The Siam™ Shin Pads feature twin commercial-grade hook and loop closures, providing a snug and adjustable fit that stays in place even during the most dynamic movements.

Streamline Minimalist Appearance: While protection is paramount, aesthetics matter too. The Siam™ Shin Pads boast a streamlined minimalist appearance that combines style with functionality. You can confidently showcase your Muay Thai prowess while wearing these sleek and stylish shin pads.

Designed for Full Contact Sparring and Muay Thai Checking Drills: The Siam™ Shin Pads are engineered for the rigours of full-contact sparring and Muay Thai checking drills. Whether you're honing your defensive skills or engaging in intense sparring sessions, these shin pads are up to the challenge.

Lightweight Design: Muay Thai training can be demanding, and the last thing you need is heavy gear slowing you down. The Siam™ Shin Pads are designed to be light in weight, offering a feeling of weightlessness during your training. This allows you to move with agility and precision, reaching your highest level of performance.

Introducing New Colours: Leather Black and Leather Red

In the spirit of constant innovation and style, Punch Equipment® is excited to unveil new colours for the Siam™ Shin Pads. In addition to the classic Leather Chocolate, practitioners can now choose from the sophisticated Leather Black and the bold Leather Red. These new colours not only add a touch of personalisation to your gear but also reflect the diverse styles within the world of Muay Thai.

Why Choose Punch Equipment® Siam™ Shin Pads?

Level up your Muay Thai sparring experience with the Siam™ Shin Pads from Punch Equipment®. Designed with lightweight materials, these shin pads offer maximum precision and protection during those long summer practice sessions. Crafted with 1.1mm of premium cowhide leather, the shin pads come in two sizes: Medium and Large. Step up your game with this luxurious new technology that combines tradition with innovation, allowing you to express your unique style while reaching your highest level of Muay Thai prowess. 

Choose Punch Equipment® and experience the perfect blend of craftsmanship, protection, and style in the Siam™ Shin Pads.