The Siam™ Muay Thai Range, Coming Soon!

The Siam™ Muay Thai Range, Coming Soon!

Meet: The Siam™ Range Thai Pads!

Premium commercial grade Muay Thai Equipment like you haven't seen in several decades.

Inspired by the traditional creation of Muay Thai Equipment back in Siam (pre Thailand), this range will feature the thickest most premium leather on the market.

The Siam Range™ will feature ​1.2 mm to 1.7mm  cowhide elite  leather made by hand in modern-day Thailand. The 1.7mm thick  elite cowhide leather  Thai Pads will take you back to old world Siam , before it moved to .8mm leather to reduce costs . Our punch staff team have already given the test products and their customized fine tune feedback  to ensure you benefit. Like our Mexican Fuerte™ range for professional boxers , the Siam™ range is designed for professionals who can tell the difference The Siam™ Muay Thai range is one of our most anticipated drops to date! We are so excited to announce this range will be available to purchase in mid-late February/ Early March.

Now lets take a deeper look into this exciting range!

Siam™ KRU Thai Pads

These lightweight Thai pads are a pleasure to use and will make any Trainer or Student of Muay Thai happy.

They feature the same design we've come to know with our Black Diamond™ Precision Thai Pads but they're made out of elite cowhide leather that's even thicker than before (approximately 1.7mm)!

 Add hand-stitched detail on top of premium buckles, and you'll see what sets these apart from any other product on the market - the Siam™ Kru Thai Pads!

Siam™ Hybrid Kick Pad


For the first time in Punch Equipment® product history, we're excited to introduce a hybrid kick pad.

Say hello to the Siam™ Hybrid Kick  Pads! These Thai pads are intuitively-designed long curved focus mitts that can also be used as Thai pads.

Engineered for speed, accuracy and agility in Muay Thai sessions. Handmade with quality materials in Thailand, this kick pad is engineed with 1.7mm thick elite cowhide leather.  This feature makes it one of the thickest leather gauge products on the market; giving you an unmatched level of protection when it comes to durability during your training session.

Siam™ Supreme Duo Thai Pads

There is no end to the innovations we've dreamed up here at Punch Equipment®!

Our latest product, the Siam™ Supreme Duo Thai Pads, proves just how far we can push boundaries.

These hand-woven Thai pads are made for the most serious Muay Thai practitioners. They're crafted in Thailand with an expert eye towards durability and longevity. And for a little extra something special? Look out for those Siam days - these pads have elite cowhide leather so thick (1.7mm to be exact) you'll swear they were made back in olden times!