Thumpas Curved Boxing Focus Pads Product Review

Thumpas Curved Boxing Focus Pads Product Review

Best Curved Boxing Focus Pads Review

The curved boxing focus pads come in two sizes; medium and large. With a special hand fit design, these pads are comfortable and won't fall off during training exercises. They're ideal for serious personal trainers that are looking to make money from the Boxing industry. These focus pads come with a full lifetime warranty and can be washed in a washing machine.

Best Features

• AAA Punch Rated
• Double Stiched
• Curved Face - forgiving angle
• Light and Fast
• Fast on/off
• Special palm grip control mound
• MATERIAL - 100% Punchtex™
• SIZE: M or L


Commercial mass boxing/kickboxing classes
Washable - see instructions
Pre-tested for 15 years plus


Combined with lifetime material warranty. Your best choice for serious buyers.
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