Top 5 Reasons to buy a Speed Ball

Top 5 Reasons to buy a Speed Ball

Why buy a Speed Ball?

Below is a list of the 5 best benefits of using a Speed Ball for boxing training. Punch Equipment® sells a full range of speed balls and floor to ceiling balls online.

Improve Hand-Eye

The speed ball is a great training aid for improving your hand-eye coordination. Famous boxers such as Sugar Ray Robinson have used the speed ball for training boxing techniques.

Improvements in hand-eye can make the difference in a fight and delivering an accurate punch.

Improve Footwork

With a speed ball, you can practice footwork and quickness while training. Moving in rhythm with the ball will help mimic a boxing fight.

Improve Fitness

Another benefit of training with a speed ball is the fitness and endurance workout. If you're having a hard time enduring a long fight, use the speed ball to improve your overall endurance.

Improve Endurance

Simulating a boxing fight with a speed ball will improve your overall endurance and fitness so you can last longer in the ring. The last 30 seconds before the round finishes is the most important and improving your endurance will enhance your chances of getting more accurate punches in.

Improve Confidence

A speedball is a great starting point for new boxers looking to improve their confidence in the ring. The speed ball will allow you to improve all aspects of boxing, such as; hand-eye, quickness, defence, speed and more.

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