Ultimate guide to choosing shin guards

Ultimate guide to choosing shin guards

How To Choose Right Shin Guards For Combat Sports Training

Other than boxing of course, most combat sports incorporate some form of kicking.
Whether you're a kickboxer, Mixed martial artist, Thai boxer, Karate fighter, etc. you should require protection over your shins & feet during training or more importantly sparring.
Or you may even require a guard for an injury that needs some TLC.
For your partner's protection & your own, investing in a quality pair of shin guards is key to ensure you take fewer days off due to injury!
Below is a quick summary of our fantastic range of pads to give you the info you need to make the right choice.

Punch Equipment Shin Guard Range

Urban Cotton, Slip-On Shin Guards

Urban Cotton Slip On Shin Pads 1 2020

The first guard off the ranks is our Urban, cotton slip shin guard which while inexpensive, serves a great purpose to a variety of students.
These shin guards are made with adequate foam over the shin & foot area, covered by breathable, stretchy cotton to slip quickly & comfortably over your foot & leg.
Those training in Karate gi's will find this shin guard extremely comfortable underneath their gi pants without having any restriction in their movement.
This guard is also a perfect addition for those training with minor injuries, who need a pair for amateur in-ring competitions & lighter sparring sessions.
If you're looking for an entry-level shin guard for many uses, the Urban cotton slip-on shin guards are the option for you.

Urban MMA Shin Guards


A purpose-built set of MMA shin guards built with a firm & minimalistic approach.
Simply put, the Urban MMA Shin Guards strategically cover the high clashing areas with dense & quality materials,
All while ensuring no movement is compromised when takedowns, sprawling & scrambling take place during MMA sparring.
Their neoprene leg strapping ensures they stay in place during awkward transitions to ensure you keep your focus on your training partner.
If you're looking for guards that go hand in

Urban Muay Thai Shin Guards

Urban Thai Shin Guard Pads2

The Urban MMA Shin Guards big brother!
While the shin protection is the same as its MMA counterpart,
The footpad on this guard is substantially larger to provide further protection to the foot in sparring,
If you love Muay Thai sparring but need a minimalistic feel this shin guard is exactly what you're looking for.

AAA Muay Thai Shin Guards

Punch Shin Pads 2020 1

Our first entry into solid, larger profile shin guards.
The AAA Muay Thai shin guards are large in stature & protection while keeping a lightweight profile.
With dense padding over the shin, knee & lateral areas of the leg, shock absorption will be dramatically reduced.
Their flat foot padding also makes it a breeze for a wide range of foot sizes to fit with ease.
If you're looking for a shin guard that's big on quality, build & protection, the AAA Muay Thai Shin Guards are for you!

Black Diamond™ Muay Thai Shin Guards

Black Diamond Shin Pads 1

With its larger profile, this sleek shin guard is truly a step above.
Their casings are made from premium, superior Punchtex™ casings & lined with punchcool™ to swiftly wick away excess sweat or moisture.
With dual, pull-back straps, these stunning shin guards are locked in tight!
They also carry additional Armadillo padding over the shin, around the shin & foot to dramatically lessen the shock absorption felt on the body.
If you're looking for a premium set of shin guards for Muay Thai etc. you cannot go past the Black Diamond™ Shin Guards.