Understanding the Different Types of Boxing Gloves

Understanding the Different Types of Boxing Gloves

Boxing is a popular sport and if you’ve decided to give it a try, you need to understand what types of boxing gloves will best suit your needs. According to Punch Equipment, having the right type of glove is essential for both protection and performance in boxing. There are three main types of gloves: bag gloves, sparring gloves and competition gloves. Each type has its own purpose and other features that can make them more comfortable or more practical depending on the situation.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are designed for use on punching bags or other heavy objects such as focus mitts or shields. Bag gloves have extra padding which helps disperse force across your hand while also providing some protection against possible injury due to contact with hard surfaces. Bag gloves generally have less wrist support than competition or sparring gloves, which makes them ideal for general training purposes but inadequate for any serious competition setting.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are bigger than bag gloves as they offer more coverage around the knuckles and provide greater padding over the back of the hands, fingers, and wrist area. Sparring gloves are designed to protect both you and your opponent from being injured during sparring sessions so it's important that they fit properly to allow you maximum movement without compromising safety standards. Punch Equipment offers an extensive range of sparring gear in various colours, weights ranging from 8oz-16oz, made from premium leather materials with superior cushioning for extra comfort during extended training sessions.

Competition Gloves

Competition/fighting gloves have even more padding than regular sparring gloves which allows better absorption of power when hitting an opponent or pad holder during practice rounds or actual bouts. Competition/fighting style boxing gloves feature a sturdier foam material that moulds closely around each finger adding extra support and stability when making contact with pads or an opponent in the ring again improving strength transfer upon impact and giving greater control over power delivery within each punch or combination thrown in the heat of competition. Punch Equipment stocks a full selection of pro-level fighting/competition boxing glove styles ranging from 8oz-20oz fitted with thumb attachments for added security along with a strap system at the wrist locking them into place during action-packed bouts.

No matter what kind of boxing you engage in, having a good quality kit is essential for comfort as well as longevity, so be sure to check out Punch Equipment today for all your Boxing Gear needs!