Unisex Running Shorts Review

Unisex Running Shorts Review

Product Review - Unisex Running Shorts

Here's a little short by Punch Equipment® and this is our unisex training shorts or otherwise known as cross training shorts.

These shorts are designed with lightweight needs in mind so you comfortably train clients or casually wear them around the gym.

Firstly, they come with a stretch gusset in the crotch and sides. They also have an elastic waist with a drawstring inside. So the idea of this design is to provide excellent customisation for the most common waist sizes.

The material is 100% polyester and further adds to the lightness feel of these shorts.

They do come in a good size range, usually from extra small through to extra large. We probably wouldn't recommend them for very small, petite ladies as they'll likely be a tad long and the drawstring may not be able to fit the waist. However, for general medium to large size ladies/men, these shorts will suffice.

Great for training Kickboxing and Personal Training. Buy online!