Urban Boxing Gloves - Product Review

Urban Boxing Gloves - Product Review

Boxing Gloves Review

Here we've got a review of the entry level Punch Equipment Urban Boxing Gloves from our Urban range.

Now the big thing about these gloves is they are proper boxing gloves.

So when you go to entry-level gloves, there's a hell of a lot of cheating that goes on in not just the quality of the materials but also how the glove is shaped and made.

Usually, this is pressure from chain store supermarket retailers who want you know large margins and they beat the manufacturers down so their entry level gloves are usually pretty poor

Now the Urban boxing glove is an extremely popular glove because it's a proper boxing glove.


The only real difference in these gloves is that we're using an Enduro 35 material, that's a technical name for this material and it's not a PU. It's a highly durable and very flexible synthetic material but not leather. So that's what gets your price down to sort of a consumer pricing that people like.

Now the rest of the glove is still an authentic boxing glove, full-length size glove by the height and the length. The material we've used is exactly the same length as our pro boxing gloves

Now, normally what people do is they cheat in the top as they cut the material so the glove sticks out a lot further. So the fingers stick out and because they save on the material. They get the price down, their margins go up and they produce a glove that fundamentally looks ok but is really crap to wear.

Urban Boxing Gloves vs the Competition

Now I'm going to bring in an opposition glove and I've covered up the glove to not embarrass them. This glove is sold against our Urban synthetic series and our Pro series of Urban gloves. It's a synthetic glove and it looks similar to our glove. When you put on your hand in, it feels strange

But on the shelf, it's got a glossy logo, lots of screen pretty, lots of fancy words and this is sold against an authentic boxing glove in the marketplace. It's sold in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and this glove is a poor imitation of the Punch Equipment® Urban Boxing Gloves.

I'll show you why..

First of all, how they save the money is you'll see the gloves are shorter. They've made this glove actually shorter in length. Where they're really saved the money is in the length of the fingers. To test this, push the glove down in the fingers and see how hard it is to push. If it's too hard to push, it's poorly designed. What that means is that when you make a grip, when you try and make a fist and grip your fingers, you're going to be fighting that glove all the time and it's going to fatigue you very badly. These are gonna feel really poor on your hands and the foam is really hard as well.

In the end, there are a few things we do take out of our more expensive leather gloves for sure but fundamentally, you've got the full material and the proper Pro injected mould inside.

Why choose?

We highly recommend these gloves for training once or twice a week, such as fitness or doing a little bit sparring, you really can't go wrong with these at the entry level!