Urban Boxing Paddles Review

Urban Boxing Paddles Review

Product Review - Urban Boxing Paddles

In this product review, we look at the sleek Urban Boxing Paddles from Punch Equipment.

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Recommended For

The Urban Boxing Paddles are recommended for all boxing coaches & beginners to advanced boxing students.
They are a fantastic tool for both striker and teacher!

Best Features

- Created for power, speed, and accuracy boxing drills.
- Padded rear sides for defensive work.
- Flat front sides for offensive work.
- Designed for all levels of boxers Medium-sized, generously padded target zone.
- Built with an internal PVC spine for serious durability.
- Ergonomic handles for a comfortable and effortless grip.
- Additional wrist straps for paddles security Lightweight construction (approx. 10oz)


Built with a medium-sized, flat target face, the boxer won't be nervous about missing the target,
They also have the atomic logo on the front to give your student the best target for their hands.

Injury Prevention / Safety Features

A boxing paddles construction allows the joints of the coach to rest and removes additional strain from the boxer's hand from impact.
This paddle is also equipped with padded rear panels for defensive drills, ensuring the student's risk of injury is kept to a minimum.

Material - What's it made from?

These paddles are crafted with durable Endura35 synthetic casings, making this product suitable for both home and gym usage.
Their internal PVC spine and injected-foam mould gives offers incredible durability and lasting form.