Urban Full Face Headgear - Product Review

Urban Full Face Headgear - Product Review

Headgear Review

Here's a review of the Urban Full Face Headgear by Punch Equipment®.

Urban Headgear vs Trophy Getters® Headgear

Now, this headgear is a nice looking headgear for entry-level sparring students. It's a mirror version of our very well excepted internationally distributed Trophy Getters headgear. It's just basically a cheaper material version of the same headgear.

Design Features

So you've still got the beautiful handcrafting turned-in cheeks. all the same padding inside but it's the styling that we've really copied here in this cheaper range.

It's very easy when you go to cheaper headgear to purchase headgear that simply is poor to fit, it's poor to see out of and it's poor to wear. So we've mirrored the very successful Trophy Getters headgear, which is a far dearer headgear. This product is running our urban 35 PVA material. We've got the full padded traditional earpieces on each side. We've got the rear heavy duty hook and loop closing tab and we've got the fully adjustable head. The idea of the adjustable head is once it matches your head size, you'll never touch it again. With a lace-up you get that done once and then from then on you simply open it up, put your head inside, close the tab and you're ready for sparring.

So very quick on off. This is a full face headgear, full cheek position and full chin position protection.


So this is a general-purpose student sparring headgear. I recommend this if you are training two or three times a week, especially if you're just coming into the sport of Boxing, Muay Thai or Martial Arts of full-contact sparring. So this is a great entry level headgear that you can't go wrong with, the Urban Headgear Full Face from Punch Equipment®