Urban Open Face Headgear - Product Review

Urban Open Face Headgear - Product Review

Headgear Review

Here's a review of the Urban Open Face Headgear by Punch Equipment®.

Now, this is our entry-level headgear but having said that there are some really nice features with this economy range. It comes in three colours - black, blue and red.

Design features

Now first of all, this headgear has no chin protection so it is mainly designed for amateur boxing style with the open head face. It has a full cuff ear and eardrum protection on each side. It's got high-value PVA inside for padding.

The head doesn't have a lace it has a padded top instead, which is now the preferred style of headgear. The rear adjustment is quite a strong Hook and Loop and high grade with a rear pad. Then you can lock it in the right position on your head and off you go.

We've got a chin adjustment, so once again it's very a heavy-duty full chin strap. So you can adjust the chin to your head size, lock it shut and you're ready to box.

Now, this headgear provides high vision of incoming blows to the head. Inside the headgear, it's got the suede leather interior. This just soaks up all the sweat and stops the headgear slipping, which is the number one problem with headgear.


It comes in a medium and a large. I recommend a medium for young teenagers and large for most other people.


Now this headgear has an external special enduro 35 PVA, this is a great material and it's what's used in all our Urban Boxing Gloves as well. It's very durable, very flexible and it's fully trimmed off.

Why choose?

So who would buy this headgear? It's recommended if you're training for amateur boxing and you're looking for a headgear that's coming in at a cheaper price point. It's not a full cowhide leather exterior but it's still got the suede leather interior. You'd really use this if you are enjoying Boxing as a sport and you want to run multiple colours in your headgear. Or you just simply want a headgear to start trying to see if you like it. This provides just as much protection as the high-grade commercial headgears. It's a little bit lower grade material but unless you're really using it a lot, it will suffice and then some.

So the Urban Headgear at Punch Equipment® comes in three colours and it's a great addition for a lot of younger people coming into the sport who just simply can't afford the really high priced headgear.