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Urban PDX Speed Ball Review

Product Review - Urban PDX Speed Ball

Here's a quick review on our entry-level Urban “PDX Titan” Speed Ball from our Urban series of Boxing Equipment.

Basically, we've got a synthetic ball, which is a 10-inch size. It comes with a little loop and it's nice and short.

urban pdx speed bag ball

The ball has a nice rapid action on your swivel and it's super lightweight, which makes it ideal for home use.

The ball is hand laced down the side, which means this ball won't pop open. You can unlace this and if you wish to change the bladder.

Your inflation is at the bottom and we recommend that the ball is not inflated above seven psi.

Also, the needle needs to be lubricated before inflating. The needle must be inserted in straight, otherwise, you'll damage the bladder.

Recommended for

So we believe this is a nifty little looking ball!
It's designed for home training and as such, we wouldn't recommend this for commercial use in Gyms and Pro Boxing environments. It's more for basic boxing training at home or in a small fitness class.