Urban “PDX Titan” Boxing Gloves - Product Review

Urban “PDX Titan” Boxing Gloves - Product Review

Boxing Gloves Review

Here's a review on our latest arrival, it's the Urban “PDX Titan” Boxing Gloves in the Punch Urban range.

So this glove is our sort of most attractive glove at the consumer entry level of our boxing range. Once you go above this glove, you do go to commercial grade boxing gloves.

Design Features

So let me just take you through what you're getting here.

Fundamentally you've got a full leather glove from the wrist right through to the back and the palms, except for a mesh ventilation behind the fingers.

You've got a full leather glove, you've got a full-length glove just like the Urban boxing glove (the series below it) which wraps right over and makes for easy closure.

The leather is high-grade, it's a nice soft leather and it also has the full wrap wrist which is a feature on all our boxing gloves.

So just be aware a lot of gloves, especially online, they look okay but then you've just got a little wrist tab that closes over. Which gives you no wrist support. Whereas this glove by Punch, wraps fully around your wrist to give you a really snug feel.

It's got the sewn in thumb tab and turned in thumbs so you can you protect your knuckle and your thumb joint. Nowadays these are all turned in and they really do protect your hand.


They come in 12 and 16 ounces, padded pillow palms and double stitching throughout.

Why choose?

So you would buy this glove if you really just want a nice pair of boxing gloves in either 12 or 16 oz and you're on a bit of a budget but you still want leather. These are the gloves I'd choose, the PDX Titan from Punch, great for all-around general-purpose training glove.