How to use Thai Leg Pads

How to use Thai Leg Pads

Quality Thigh Pads for improving Boxing Technique

Punch Equipment demonstrates how to use thai leg pads correctly. Thigh pads are great for kickboxing and fitness training. Practice combo speed kicks and knees with these pads.

Products used in this video include; Thai Leg pads, Black Diamond Belly Pad, Groupx Manshield, Groupx Kick Pads and yellow Mexican boxing gloves (coming soon).

Best Features

  • Size: One size only
  • AAA Rated
  • Secure roller double back
  • Material: Pure Punchtex

Best Application for Gyms

Professional kickboxing, fitness, fighter training, multiple light to medium combo speed work punches, kicks, knees, elbows.

Best Application for Retail

Ideal for Fitness Training.

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