V30 Coach Sticks Review

V30 Coach Sticks Review

Product Review - Urban Coach Sticks

In this review, we look at the 2020 version of the Urban® Coach Boxing Foam Sticks.

Ideal for any type of boxing training session

This is one of our favourite tools for Boxing, Muay Thai and other combat sports training.
They are incredibly useful for the striker and holder & are incredibly fun to incorporate into any session.
Training with these sticks should help improve the strikers overall boxing skills, including their defence, head & body movement, timing & more!
These sticks will also provide comfort for the holder as the strain of absorbing a punch or kick is lessened when using boxing sticks as the strike is much further away from the holders joints in comparison to standard boxing focus pads!


The material casing is built from durable Enduro tech, which is widely used with almost all Urban boxing products, such as Urban Boxing Gloves and Urban Focus Pads.
As well as some of our bag gloves/mitts.
This material is durable & stretchy & perfect for several uses per week.


The white stick Enduro casing will improve hand-eye coordination in comparison to the previous black model,
The wrist lanyards have also be improved to stretch based to allow flexibility, mobility & lessen the risk of jarring on your wrist for the holder.

Recommended For

We'd recommend these coach sticks to any & all trainers/coaches that are looking for an awesome alternative tool to traditional boxing focus pads.
We also recommend using these sticks with all skill levels & age groups.

For Evasion / Ducking

The coach sticks are ideal for training evasion & defensive boxing drills,
Ensure to use these sticks with care as contact is an integral part of coach stick usage.

Testing accuracy

A thinner target means punching accuracy needs to be on point at all times, this target size is approx 5x times smaller than the face of a focus pad!
Check out this fantastic video below of Empire MMA utilising these awesome tools for MMA striking.