5 Best Warm Ups for Boxing and Combat Sports Training

5 Best Warm Ups for Boxing and Combat Sports Training


In this blog, our team will provide you with 5 fantastic exercises to get you warm and ready for boxing and any other form of combat sports training.

Why warm-up?
Any intensive form of exercise requires some form of warm-up to prepare the body for the vigorous workout ahead.
An effective warm-up should provide a better supply of oxygen to your muscles and raise your body temperature, providing improved flexibility in your muscles.
The American Heart Foundation state that warming up for any workout is critical for injury prevention and preparing the body.

1. Skipping

A very popular, traditional style of warm-up, particularly in the world of boxing.
While skipping will provide a great workout in its own right, skipping can also greatly improve your footwork, this includes your balance, speed of movement, timing, and more.
Skipping is the perfect option for beginners to professionals alike, as it requires patience, coordination, and dedication to master.
Just ensure you have the right skipping rope for the job and have extra patience for the awkward beginner!

Benefits Of Skipping Ropes

2. Shadow Boxing

Shadowboxing is in itself, a warmup and a review of your form.
Shadowboxing is a fantastic warm-up for the student and coach.
The student can focus on their technique and flow, while the coach can review and fix any issues prior to intensive training.

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3. Light Bag Work

A runner should run and a boxer should box!
When warming up for the exercise of your choice,
You could consider a lighter form of that type of workout.
Sport-specific training is a great option for warming up and cooling down.
Utilising a speedbag, floor to ceiling ball, or boxing bag in a calmer and lighter fashion is a sure way to the body warm and ready for your workout.
You can slowly build up-tempo, movement, flexibility, and power until you're ready to rock and roll!

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4. Dynamic Stretching

Stretching is highly regarded as a warm-up for every sport,
Ensuring your flexibility is at its best minimizes the risk of injury, while increasing your overall mobility.
Dynamic stretching has shown to be a more beneficial type of stretching pre-workout, in comparison to static-based stretching.
If you're looking to increase your range of motion during training, for longer punches or higher kicks for example.
Dynamic stretching may be the warm-up for your needs.

5.  Light Jogging

A simple, effective, and very traditional combat sports warm-up.
Many combat sports also use jogging/running for weight loss and endurance purposes.
While this form of exercise may not provide the same flexibility benefits as dynamic stretching, your heart, muscles, and lungs are sure to be ready.
A light jog may be the perfect mode of transport to and from your workout.
If you've got a great open road to explore and music to listen to,
A light run before you hit the pads may be the most time effective warm-up for you.