Weight training for Boxing

Weight training for Boxing

Improve Boxing technique with weights

Using weights for boxing training is a great workout for improving technique without gloves.

The three main punches you can train with weights are straight punching, hook punching and the uppercut.

This is a very easy workout which can be trained anywhere, such as outside, gyms, studios and more.

Straight Punching - 4 Steps

1. Don't bring the weights too close to you head.
2. Aim for a nice bent elbow.
3. Work in steps and footwork for a good workout.

Hook Punching - 4 Steps

1. Arms up near our head.
2. Rotate the barbell.
3. Step in and turn, both sides of the body.
4. Combine footwork with timing and you get a perfect punch.

Uppercut - 4 Steps

1. Hands up passively
2. Good posture
3. Rotate the barbell.
4. Turn up inside and control the weight

Once you're finished this workout, you'll increase punching power, boxing technique and general muscle tone!