What length boxing wraps do I need?

What length boxing wraps do I need?

Boxing Wrap Lengths

How to choose the right length.

While boxing hand wraps are designed to provide a moisture barrier between your hands and your boxing gloves, hand wraps also provide additional layers of protection underneath your boxing gloves.
Hand wraps can provide support to your fist, wrist, and thumb and add layers of padding over the knuckles and palm for improved shock absorption and making a better grip with your fists.

In this article,
Our team run you through traditional boxing stretch wraps and the 3 different lengths Punch Equipment provide and which one is perfect for you!

3 metres - 120 inches

Our team recommends 3-metre hand wraps for youths (approx. 10-year-olds and up) all the way up to smaller handed adults.
A 3-metre wrap should give smaller hands and wrists enough length to cover your hand and wrist with no issue.

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4 metres - 157 inches

The most recommended length of hand wrap for the majority of adults.
4 Metres gives most adults the perfect length to cover every area of the hand and wrist.
If you're unsure which length will suit your hands, the safest choice is starting here!

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5 metres - 197 inches

5-metre hand wraps are ideal for those with larger hands, those who are prone to hand irritation/injury and those who require some extra bulk inside their boxing glove.
The additional metre gives users the ability to apply more wrap to their knuckles, joints, palm or wherever you need it most.
If you have a larger overall build, hand size and train regularly in say 14oz/16oz boxing gloves you may require 5-metre wraps to ensure you're properly supported under your boxing gloves.

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In summary, Punch recommends:

  • 3 metres for youths.
  • 4 metres for the majority of adults.
  • 5 metres for larger hands or injury-prone boxers.

Have more questions about hand wrapping?
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