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What to fill a Boxing Bag with?

How to Fill a Boxing Bag

In this blog post, we’ll look at how to fill an empty Boxing Bag, what fillings to choose & the benefits of choosing an empty boxing bag.

What filling should I use to fill an empty bag?

The main benefit of buying an empty punching bag is that it allows you to customise the complete experience, you can choose & alter the bags weight, feel, and density.

A boxing bag with a heavier weight for example will make the overall shape firmer to strike and harder to move which can be ideal for stronger adults and heavy hitters.

On the flip-side, filling a boxing bag with lighter fill will give you the opposite experience, you won’t need to hit the bag as hard in order to allow the bag to swing freely,

This is a great option for those looking to experience less shock on the body and incorporate fast, accurate boxing combinations rather than focusing on striking with power.

As you become more experienced with filling boxing bags, you can start to modify the bags feeling & density to suit your striking needs.

Where should I fill a boxing bag?

An empty boxing bag can take hours to days to fill so ensure you give yourself a lot of room to complete the task!

As Punch Equipment bags come complete with a refill lid, you can hang the bag at any stage in order to finish your installation without undoing lacing & zippers!

We recommend starting your filling process with the casing on the ground & top of the lids off so you can easily place in materials & use the ground for assistance with compaction.

Once the bag is filled to approx 3/4 full, hanging the bag to complete the rest may be a suitable option.


Materials for a Lightweight Bag

For lighter & soft density type bag, we recommend filling your boxing bag with larger rag type materials such as old clothes, cloth, towels, foam, or fabric strips, this will prevent dense compaction which gives the bag a softer feel & feedback which equals less force felt on the user's joints when struck.

Ensure to fill your bag layer by layer, stuffing your bag to the top without any compaction can give you an ugly looking bag with a lot of space giving you an awkward

To do so effectively, use a tool such as a bat or a thick broom handle to compact the materials, an item with a wider end is more suitable as it will push more material at once & push more air out of the space.

Materials for a Heavy Bag

To make your boxing bag firmer & heavier, you should fill it with finer & smaller materials such as sand or sawdust, as well as thinner clothes/fabric in the middle of the bag to ensure the weight isn't overbearing for its casing.

Stacking the bag with small layers of sand in the middle & fabric on the outside may take more prep time however will result in a fantastic feeling bag for fighters who like to feel the crack in each strike!

Overfilling the bag completely with sand etc. may be too firm for most users & could cause the bag to split or break due to excess weight.

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What are the benefits of purchasing an empty boxing bag?

Benefits #1 - Customised Weight & Density

As we’ve mentioned earlier, an empty bag allows you to customise the weight of the bag & feel to your liking.

So instead of buying a boxing bag with fixed weight & feel, empty bags can be completely customised to suit your training needs.

So you could start with a lighter boxing bag then move to a heavy bag as your skills improve.

Benefit #2 - Save on Shipping!

Rather than buying a pre-filled boxing bag, an empty bag will save you from high shipping costs as shipping couriers charge fees typically based the items weight.

It’s also a great option if you’re living overseas or in a remote area where it can be very costly to receive heavier goods.

Benefit #3 - Refillable

Punch Equipment's wide range of filled boxing bags is very easy to fill/re-fill over time with its patent-pending refill lid, allowing you to fill the bag without taking it down!

Our wide range of pre-filled boxing bags come with these lids also.

They can be easily filled from the top with your ideal choice of filling.

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We hope this has helped you decide whether the custom feel of a boxing bag is what you're looking for!
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