Boxing Gloves Review - Bronx White Gloves

Boxing Gloves Review - Bronx White Gloves


If you’re looking for quality White Boxing Gloves Review, watch a video review above of the White Bronx Bag Boxing Gloves.


Below is the product video review transcript.

Here we have the Bronx boxing gloves for review. They’re an internet-only glove which means that these gloves are made straight from the Punch factory and sold online as a separate brand under the Bronx fight gear label.

They are a size 12 so they’re not true to weight and they, therefore, are suitable for bag work/pad work only. So we don’t recommend these for sparring. But other than that the padding in these gloves is exceptional. Plenty of professional people have used these gloves and remarked just how well they fit and how much they protect your hands.

They have a full velcro wrap wrist still, normally when you build an economy glove you’d cut this out and it would just have a small tab here that just closes over here. It’s a common trick but this still has a full wrap safety wrist it has the sewn thumb for the safety of your thumb. It has an injected mould still. It comes in the one size in the white and Enduro material with the black Bronx screen (which is quite attractive).

So I’d recommend this glove highly to anyone that’s entry-level boxing going into boxing Fitness there’s after a pair of budget gloves that will fit the fit their hands and do the job remarkably well so the Blanc’s club now available online through