Why do you need hand wraps?

Why do you need hand wraps?

How to Buy Hand Wraps Online

A hand wrap is useful for protecting knuckles, stabilising the wrist, protecting your thumb, soaking up perspiration and fills out your glove.

Prevent injuries

A hand wrap is an essential part of your boxing equipment and preventing hand injuries. The hand wrap will support your wrist, knuckles, hands and joints.

The handwrap secures the joints in your hand and helps the shock after a punch distributes through your hand. A hand wrap will also add extra protection for your thumb.

5 Benefits of hand wraps

  • Protects knuckles
  • Stabilises wrist
  • Protects thumb
  • Soaks up perspiration
  • Fills glove

How to Wrap your hands

Learn how to hand wrap from a professional. Your wrist should be in a solid position while wrapping. Your hand should be relaxed and not too tight in a wrap.

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Quick Wraps

If you're not confident with hand wrapping we also provide quick wraps. The benefits of quick wraps is that you can just slip on the wrap before training, instead of spending valuable time hand wrapping.